Friday, January 24, 2014

kitchen mixer decal sets

kitchen mixer decal sets

Kitchen mixer vinyl decal set 40 piece hibiscus flowers and leaves with choice of two colorsDamask kitchen mixer decal set 40+  pieces
Kitchen mixer vinyl decal set 100 piece circle, dots and rings THREE color choicesGiraffe print kitchen mixer decal set

Such a neat way to give your kitchen just a little bit of a pop!
These decals are cut from high quality, removable (not reusable) vinyl that has been rated to last up to six years outdoors. They are not skins and do not have a clear cover or border. Application is not limited to toilets. You can apply your decal to any smooth, flat surface (indoors and out)!

Easy to clean just gently clean with damp cloth. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Shop Spotlight: Idea Case


iPhone 5S case - Watercolour pain on Wood , wood iphone 5 case , iphone 4s iphone 5S caseiPhone 5S Case - Vintage Floral Geometric Triangle Wood ,Wood iPhone 5 Case , Flower iPhone 4s case , Geometric iphone 4 case , iphone cover
Navajo tribal geometric on wood iphone 5S case,geoemetric wood iphone 5 case, iphone 4s case, iphone 4 caseGalaxy Tribal on Wood iphone 5 case,Navajo Aztec iphone 4s case, geometric iphone 4 cover, hard plastic case

Do you have an iPhone 4/4s or 5
or a Samsung Galaxy s3/s4
and are just needing a case to looks amazing
Idea Case has some amazing cases its a one stop shop for a case 
there is almost no way you wont find a case that doesn't  fit your style 
and for almost the same price of the cases at malls and other stores
why not give it a quick look 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Newborn Baby Boy or Girl Crochet Bunny Hat/Diaper Cover

Newborn Baby Boy or Girl Crochet Bunny Hat/Diaper Cover

$22.99 USD
Baby Boy Bunny Hat MUST SEE Too Cute Newborn Baby Boy or Girl Crochet Bunny Hat/Diaper Cover More Colors  Easter Set

Newborn Baby Boy or Girl Hat & Diaper Cover

Made with red heart yarn (brand)
The ears stand and can be repositioned

Puff ball is on a clip to removed or repositioned

Heather gray / blue
Heather Gray / White
White/ Light Raspberry 
White/Baby blue

OR YOU can choose any 2 colors from chart

This item is made to order so PLEASE see my shop announcement 
or email me for turn around times

suggestion - hand wash and lay flat to dry if neccesary

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Soft Baby Rattles

Soft Baby Rattles $4.00

This is a soft rattle for a baby. Ideally for a 3 to 5 month old. This works well for the palmer grasp.
This rattle has a small bell inside and made with linen and cotton fabric. 
This is a simple toy but can amuse a baby with his/her senses. This is machine washable and can be kept with other movement toys.

Friday, November 16, 2012

A Cowboy Baby: All Thing Cowboy For a New Baby Boy

This post is on all things cowboy for a new baby boy. It includes all my favorite finds on Etsy with a cowboy theme. You will find items to decorate the nursery, dress, cuddle, and keep him warm, toys to play with, and baby supplies!

Take a second and check everything out! As always, click on the picture to take you to the Etsy shop where you can purchase or view the items!

Wall Decor:

Reclaimed 100 Year Old Barn Wood Window Frame $62.00 USD

The Wild Wild West Cowboy Western Wall Sign $23.95 USD

Cowboy Wall Board $28.99 USD

Rodeo Collage Wooden Wall Art $13.99 USD

BOOT SIGN Always Kiss Your Cowboy Goodnight $29.95 USD

Cowboy Art $50.00 USD

Rustic Farmhouse Lonestar STAR $6.50 USD

Painted Handmade Western Thank Heaven for Lil Cowboys Wood Sign $32.00 USD

Horse Crazy $20.00 USD

Boy's Cowboy Themed Fabric Wreath $30.00 USD

Howdy Embroidery Hoop Cowboy Retro Fabric Wall Art $12.00 USD

Navy "Boots, Chaps & Cowboy Hats" Nursery Decor $18.00 USD

LIL' BUCKAROO - Hand painted and distressed wood sign $30.00 USD

Yee Haw: Cowboy Nursery Art $22.00 USD

Cowboy Boot Wooden WALL CLOCK $45.00 USD

ABC Cowboy Boy Themed Nursery Print $15.00 USD

Little Cowboy $25.50 USD

Brown "a little cowboy sleeps here" Nursery Decor $18.00 USD

Western Cowboy Boots Nursery Chandelier Child's Light $250.00 USD

Little Cowboy Boot Wall Hooks $22.99 USD

Cowboy Hat Hook $31.50 USD

Cowboy Hat wall Hook $12.99 USD

Cast Iron Wall Hook $9.99 USD

Garlands and Buntings:

Cowboy Western 3d Paper Circle Garland $20.00 USD

ON SALE. Wild West Cowboy Banner Set $20.00 USD

Burlap Banner COWBOY UP $25.00 USD

Toy Story dress up banner $19.50 USD

Sweet Burlap Bunting in white $17.00 USD

Shabby Torn Fabric Rag Garland $60.00 USD

Nursery Bunting  $30.00 USD

Vintage Cowboy Western Theme Fabric Bunting $48.00 USD

Fabric Flag Banner $38.00 USD

Misc. Decor:

Western Cowboys Kids Children Wood Sign Shelf Sitter Blocks  $33.95 USD

Cowboy themed 3D block letters $10.95 USD

Custom Decorated Wooden Letters COWBOY Theme $30.00 USD

Great block set for your little Cowboy $18.95 USD


Nursery Vinyl Quote $22.97 USD

Ropping Cowboys with Your Rope Name Vinyl Wall Art $18.99 USD

Western Cowboy Boot Vinyl Wall Art Decor $19.95 USD


SALE-Childrens Vinyl Wall Decal $15.50 USD


Boutique Style Western Cowpoke Minky blanket $25.50 USD

Horsin Around Baby Boy or Toddler Quilt $165.00 USD

Yippee Cowboy/Cowgirl Retro with Pony Minky and Brown Satin Trim $60.00 USD

Cowboy Western Baby/Toddler Blanket $30.00 USD

Yippee Cowboy/Cowgirl Retro with Cream/Brown Two Tone Minky Swirl $36.00 USD

Cowboy / Cow and Brown Personalized Western Blanket $29.00 USD

Western Cowboy Teddy Bear Baby Boy Rag Quilt $35.00 USD

Crib Sheets:

Cowboy Themed Fitted Crib/Toddler Bed Sheet $25.00 USD

Fitted Crib Sheet Choose Fabric $45.00 USD

Custom Crib Sheet - Barn Dandys $29.50 USD

Crib Bedding:

Custom Baby Crib Bedding $250.00 USD

Baby Bedding Crib Set $360.00 USD

4 Piece Little Cowpoke Crib Bedding Set $285.00 USD

Custom Western Brown and White Cow Cowboy Crib Bedding $315.00 USD

Michael Miller Lil Cowpokes. Crib Skirt and Sheet $160.00 USD

Navy Red Cowpokes Baby Bedding Set $285.00 USD

Burp Cloths:

Custom Baby Boy Gift Set with 2 burp towels in Cowboy / Bandana prints $15.00 USD

Super Cute Cloth Burp Cloth Set of 3 - Ride Em Cowboy $29.50 USD

COWBOY BaBY BoY Burp Cloth Boutique Style $6.95 USD


Cowboy Bib $10.00 USD

Cowboy Bib $8.00 USD

Baby Boy WESTERN Sheriff Cowboy Bib $7.00 USD

Cowboy Gear Baby Bib

Cowboy Baby Bib $7.50 USD

Waterproof Baby Bib $9.00 USD

Cowboy Print Reversible Baby Bib $6.00 USD

Retro Cowboy Big Baby Bib $15.00 USD

Retro CowBoys and CowGirls Oversized Baby $4.00 USD

Cowboy Towel Bib $13.50 USD


Cream Cowboy and Dark Brown Minky Boutique Hooded Towel $30.00 USD

Lil' Cow Poke Cowboy Custom Initial Bath or Beach Towel $15.00 USD

Hooded Towel in Gitty Up $28.99 USD

Gift Sets:

Cowboy Onesie Baby gift set includes Bib, Burp Cloth, Onesie $35.00 USD

Cowboy or Cowgirl Bodysuit, Burp Cloth & Personalized Bib $35.00 USD

Cowboy Cutie Baby Set: Burp Cloth, Paci Clip, Wipes Case, Bib $32.00 USD

Boy Bib and Burp Cloth Set $14.00 USD

Retro Cowboy Gift Bucket Set $66.00 USD

Yippee Burpcloth Bib and One Piece Snap Bodysuit Set $34.00 USD

Brown Diamonds and Sage Dots Business Cowboy Set $39.50 USD

Western Cowboy Baby Burp Cloth Washcloth Set $12.00 USD

Rocking Horses and Toys:

SALE Vintage Wonder Horse Child's Bouncy Rocking Horse $25.00 USD

Vintage Hand Carved Wooden Rocking Horse $160.00 USD

Handcrafted Wooden Step Up Pony Rocking Horse $125.00 USD

Western Rocking Horse- FREE SHIPPING $150.00 USD

Brown Stick Horse $36.00 USD

Soft and Snug-able Horse / Pony Animal Blanket $30.00 USD

Wooden and fabric baby teething ring $5.95 USD

Lil' Cowpokes Sit-Me-Up Donut for Baby $50.00 USD

Pony Toy - Western Print $12.75 USD

Lil Cowboy Blanket with Wood Rocking Horse Toy $25.00 USD

Handmade Knitted Cowboy / Cowgirl Gunbelt with Knitted guns APPROX $87.98 USD

Ride Em' Cowboy - Large Cloth Jingle Ball $12.50 USD

Recycled Crayons Cowboy Boots Total of 12 Crayons $9.00 USD

Cozy Cowboy Brown Boot Snugglie $22.00 USD

New Cowboy Building Blocks $34.95 USD

Organic Cowboy Boot Wood TEETHER $12.00 USD

Organic Baby Teething Ring Rabbit Bunny Ear Crinkle Toy Cowboy $11.00 USD

Cowboy Taggie $18.00 USD

Boys Cowboys Bunny $42.00 USD

Taggie 5" Square Baby Toy $8.50 USD