Friday, November 16, 2012

A Cowboy Baby: All Thing Cowboy For a New Baby Boy

This post is on all things cowboy for a new baby boy. It includes all my favorite finds on Etsy with a cowboy theme. You will find items to decorate the nursery, dress, cuddle, and keep him warm, toys to play with, and baby supplies!

Take a second and check everything out! As always, click on the picture to take you to the Etsy shop where you can purchase or view the items!

Wall Decor:

Reclaimed 100 Year Old Barn Wood Window Frame $62.00 USD

The Wild Wild West Cowboy Western Wall Sign $23.95 USD

Cowboy Wall Board $28.99 USD

Rodeo Collage Wooden Wall Art $13.99 USD

BOOT SIGN Always Kiss Your Cowboy Goodnight $29.95 USD

Cowboy Art $50.00 USD

Rustic Farmhouse Lonestar STAR $6.50 USD

Painted Handmade Western Thank Heaven for Lil Cowboys Wood Sign $32.00 USD

Horse Crazy $20.00 USD

Boy's Cowboy Themed Fabric Wreath $30.00 USD

Howdy Embroidery Hoop Cowboy Retro Fabric Wall Art $12.00 USD

Navy "Boots, Chaps & Cowboy Hats" Nursery Decor $18.00 USD

LIL' BUCKAROO - Hand painted and distressed wood sign $30.00 USD

Yee Haw: Cowboy Nursery Art $22.00 USD

Cowboy Boot Wooden WALL CLOCK $45.00 USD

ABC Cowboy Boy Themed Nursery Print $15.00 USD

Little Cowboy $25.50 USD

Brown "a little cowboy sleeps here" Nursery Decor $18.00 USD

Western Cowboy Boots Nursery Chandelier Child's Light $250.00 USD

Little Cowboy Boot Wall Hooks $22.99 USD

Cowboy Hat Hook $31.50 USD

Cowboy Hat wall Hook $12.99 USD

Cast Iron Wall Hook $9.99 USD

Garlands and Buntings:

Cowboy Western 3d Paper Circle Garland $20.00 USD

ON SALE. Wild West Cowboy Banner Set $20.00 USD

Burlap Banner COWBOY UP $25.00 USD

Toy Story dress up banner $19.50 USD

Sweet Burlap Bunting in white $17.00 USD

Shabby Torn Fabric Rag Garland $60.00 USD

Nursery Bunting  $30.00 USD

Vintage Cowboy Western Theme Fabric Bunting $48.00 USD

Fabric Flag Banner $38.00 USD

Misc. Decor:

Western Cowboys Kids Children Wood Sign Shelf Sitter Blocks  $33.95 USD

Cowboy themed 3D block letters $10.95 USD

Custom Decorated Wooden Letters COWBOY Theme $30.00 USD

Great block set for your little Cowboy $18.95 USD


Nursery Vinyl Quote $22.97 USD

Ropping Cowboys with Your Rope Name Vinyl Wall Art $18.99 USD

Western Cowboy Boot Vinyl Wall Art Decor $19.95 USD


SALE-Childrens Vinyl Wall Decal $15.50 USD


Boutique Style Western Cowpoke Minky blanket $25.50 USD

Horsin Around Baby Boy or Toddler Quilt $165.00 USD

Yippee Cowboy/Cowgirl Retro with Pony Minky and Brown Satin Trim $60.00 USD

Cowboy Western Baby/Toddler Blanket $30.00 USD

Yippee Cowboy/Cowgirl Retro with Cream/Brown Two Tone Minky Swirl $36.00 USD

Cowboy / Cow and Brown Personalized Western Blanket $29.00 USD

Western Cowboy Teddy Bear Baby Boy Rag Quilt $35.00 USD

Crib Sheets:

Cowboy Themed Fitted Crib/Toddler Bed Sheet $25.00 USD

Fitted Crib Sheet Choose Fabric $45.00 USD

Custom Crib Sheet - Barn Dandys $29.50 USD

Crib Bedding:

Custom Baby Crib Bedding $250.00 USD

Baby Bedding Crib Set $360.00 USD

4 Piece Little Cowpoke Crib Bedding Set $285.00 USD

Custom Western Brown and White Cow Cowboy Crib Bedding $315.00 USD

Michael Miller Lil Cowpokes. Crib Skirt and Sheet $160.00 USD

Navy Red Cowpokes Baby Bedding Set $285.00 USD

Burp Cloths:

Custom Baby Boy Gift Set with 2 burp towels in Cowboy / Bandana prints $15.00 USD

Super Cute Cloth Burp Cloth Set of 3 - Ride Em Cowboy $29.50 USD

COWBOY BaBY BoY Burp Cloth Boutique Style $6.95 USD


Cowboy Bib $10.00 USD

Cowboy Bib $8.00 USD

Baby Boy WESTERN Sheriff Cowboy Bib $7.00 USD

Cowboy Gear Baby Bib

Cowboy Baby Bib $7.50 USD

Waterproof Baby Bib $9.00 USD

Cowboy Print Reversible Baby Bib $6.00 USD

Retro Cowboy Big Baby Bib $15.00 USD

Retro CowBoys and CowGirls Oversized Baby $4.00 USD

Cowboy Towel Bib $13.50 USD


Cream Cowboy and Dark Brown Minky Boutique Hooded Towel $30.00 USD

Lil' Cow Poke Cowboy Custom Initial Bath or Beach Towel $15.00 USD

Hooded Towel in Gitty Up $28.99 USD

Gift Sets:

Cowboy Onesie Baby gift set includes Bib, Burp Cloth, Onesie $35.00 USD

Cowboy or Cowgirl Bodysuit, Burp Cloth & Personalized Bib $35.00 USD

Cowboy Cutie Baby Set: Burp Cloth, Paci Clip, Wipes Case, Bib $32.00 USD

Boy Bib and Burp Cloth Set $14.00 USD

Retro Cowboy Gift Bucket Set $66.00 USD

Yippee Burpcloth Bib and One Piece Snap Bodysuit Set $34.00 USD

Brown Diamonds and Sage Dots Business Cowboy Set $39.50 USD

Western Cowboy Baby Burp Cloth Washcloth Set $12.00 USD

Rocking Horses and Toys:

SALE Vintage Wonder Horse Child's Bouncy Rocking Horse $25.00 USD

Vintage Hand Carved Wooden Rocking Horse $160.00 USD

Handcrafted Wooden Step Up Pony Rocking Horse $125.00 USD

Western Rocking Horse- FREE SHIPPING $150.00 USD

Brown Stick Horse $36.00 USD

Soft and Snug-able Horse / Pony Animal Blanket $30.00 USD

Wooden and fabric baby teething ring $5.95 USD

Lil' Cowpokes Sit-Me-Up Donut for Baby $50.00 USD

Pony Toy - Western Print $12.75 USD

Lil Cowboy Blanket with Wood Rocking Horse Toy $25.00 USD

Handmade Knitted Cowboy / Cowgirl Gunbelt with Knitted guns APPROX $87.98 USD

Ride Em' Cowboy - Large Cloth Jingle Ball $12.50 USD

Recycled Crayons Cowboy Boots Total of 12 Crayons $9.00 USD

Cozy Cowboy Brown Boot Snugglie $22.00 USD

New Cowboy Building Blocks $34.95 USD

Organic Cowboy Boot Wood TEETHER $12.00 USD

Organic Baby Teething Ring Rabbit Bunny Ear Crinkle Toy Cowboy $11.00 USD

Cowboy Taggie $18.00 USD

Boys Cowboys Bunny $42.00 USD

Taggie 5" Square Baby Toy $8.50 USD